Сначала надо залогиниться, идiотъ

Свободная пресса

Russians rioted in Tallinn and other Estonian cities this weekend, leaving store fronts shattered, dozens injured and one man dead. Their stated grievance was the removal Friday of a Soviet war memorial from central Tallinn. The real inspiration was Moscow.

The Estonian government transferred the bronze statue of a Red Army soldier and exhumed remains of Soviet troops to a military cemetery near the capital. Estonians are generous to keep them at all. The Soviets annexed their country in 1940 and only let go 51 years later. France doesn’t have a memorial to the Nazi occupation.

Since its liberation, no former Soviet republic has managed to irritate the bear as much as this plucky Baltic mouse of 1.3 million people — including 300,000 Russians — famous for its ultramodern economy. Moscow has for years accused Estonia and Latvia of violating ethnic Russians’ rights. These countries insist, not unreasonably, that Russians learn a few words of their language to gain citizenship.
The Wall Street Journal

Скажите мне пожалуйста, какой соловей кровавого режыма в России может ТАК ВРАТЬ?! Ну хотя бы один пример.

Нет в мире страны поганей и омерзительней, чем Пиндостан. Нет людей глупее и опаснее, чем те, кто хочет сделать Россию такой же.

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