Сначала надо залогиниться, идiотъ

Манана Асламазян-2

Как я ни сомневался, но Интерньюс и правда работал на американские деньги:

Establish and ensure media freedom and freedom of information ($4,030,000 FSA, $100,000 FSA carryover). USAID will: expand training and consultation services to promising private regional broadcasters and newspapers; support activities that contribute to commercial self-sustainability; promote socially valuable content to expand media coverage of public issues; provide legal assistance to regional outlets; and strengthen the capacity of professional industry associations to represent and advocate for members’ interests. USAID will also train journalists on political reporting. Principal grantees: Internews Russia, Eurasia Foundation, Foundation for Independent Radio Broadcasting, Association of Independent Regional Publishers, Foundation for Information Policy Development (all prime).


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