Сначала надо залогиниться, идiотъ

Нами торгуют

Dear Conference Participants,

I was contacted this week by Michael Keating of Center for Democracy
and Development University of Massachusetts Boston —

He found out about the conference, which he was not able to attend,
and thought that I might be able to help put him in touch with someone
who could benefit from his project.

The project is described in more detail below. Essentially, they are
applying for a grant of about $250-300,000 from the US State Dept,
which they are confident they will receive, to help support an
organization working to promote democracy in Russia using new media.
The project would begin in the spring of 2009 and would involve
support not for equipment, but more for consulting, staff development

Пиндосы предлагают 250-300 тысяч долларов на развитие демократии в русском интернете.

Вообще мне очень нравится, как они там задергались после того, как увидели в интернете реакцию на свою оголтелую пропаганду насчет «россия напала на грузию».

Да, и еще: если кто-то возьмет эти деньги — не обижайтесь потом.

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