Сначала надо залогиниться, идiотъ

Gasp astonished Muscovites

MOSCOW (AFP) — It’s Moscow’s version of Gotham City, only the hero of the latest Internet superhero comic strip isn’t one of its billionaire oligarchs — its the speaker of the Russian State Duma.

A man hitherto not renowned for spectacular deeds, by day Boris Gryzlov is the dour and besuited speaker of Russia’s lower house of parliament… but at night he becomes «Gryzlov Man,» ready to save Moscow from all evil forces.

The anonymously-produced comic strip — designed in the style of US comics and so far available only on www.gryzlovman.com — was reproduced in the Russian press on Thursday, triggering frenzied speculation about its creators.

It shows the grey-haired Gryzlov, after closing a session of the Duma, heading home in his chauffeured car, only to hear of a gas pipeline explosion in Moscow, upon which he immediately heads to the scene.
«Late for dinner again,» he says laconically.

Transformed into a caped superhero flying over the Moscow sky, «Gryzlov Man» takes on his evil foe «Mole-man» with a well-aimed thump and succeeds in quelling the blaze.

«It’s Gryzlov Man! He comes and in silence solves everything!» gasp astonished Muscovites.

But the battle is not over and the episode ends with the revelation that «Mole-Man» is the mere envoy of a more mysterious figure called the «Black Oligarch.» To be continued…
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