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Dear Maxim Kononenko,

Thank you for your response.

We apologize for any inconvenience regarding this issue, but your inquiry is unclear.

Unfortunately, we are unable to duplicate your issue at this time as we are experiencing no errors. We will need you to provide us with a screen shot of the error you are receiving for further support. We apologize for any inconvenience regarding this issue.



1. I have hosting account for idiot.fm site

2. Yesterday I received message from GoDaddy about /html/images/ directory in my site. GoDayy says me that this directory contains more then 5000 files and will be disabled. This is problem and I must reorganize files (no more then 1024 files per directory) until 11 april.

3. A was try to reorganize files but I cannot do this because /html/images/ permissions was set to 0 by the ‘root’ user:

d——— 3 0 root 438272 Apr 9 05:36 images

I’m not ‘root’ and I does not have ‘root’ password. And I cannot do ‘su’ in ssh because:

[idiotfm@p3nlh130 ~]$ su
-bash: /bin/su: Permission denied

So, I cannot reorganize my files, I have not access to my /html/images/ directory. And what I must to do? ))

Maxim Kononenko


Due to its complex nature, your issue has been escalated to our Advanced Technical Support Team. Our most skilled technicians will be working to resolve your issue quickly and completely. You will be notified promptly upon resolution.



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